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About This Project

Established in 2018 and reengineered by the Phniexes team in 2020, Ultra Medica is an integrated online platform designed to streamline the operations of a pharmaceutical company across various fields.

Client: UltraMedica

Categories: Website, Eco System

UltraMedica Apps
UltraMedica Apps
UltraMedica Apps
UltraMedica Apps
UltraMedica Apps

UltraMedica Dashboard

The Ultra Medica Dashboard serves as the central system for the company, allowing efficient management of products, offers, pharmacies, loyalty points, chat support, surveys, users, agencies, statistics, reports, and the ability to update contact information and settings.

Agencies Dashboard

The Agencies Dashboard provides agencies with a dedicated space to manage their inventory, track orders, process product returns, manage users, oversee product distribution to pharmacies, handle payments, maintain pharmacies' balance, and generate reports.

Efficiently Manage Your Pharma Operations

Ultra Medica is a user-friendly website that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to support the integrated operations of your pharmaceutical company. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our platform as you streamline your processes and enhance collaboration with pharmacies and agents.

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